At Beachside Veterinary Surgery, we believe prevention is critical to your pet’s health and well-being. We help you take a proactive approach to maximise your pet’s quality of life and to ensure any issues are caught and treated early. Regular health checks ensure early detection, treatment, and prevention of illness and disease.

We offer a wide range of wellness, diagnostics, treatments, and surgery services to keep your pet healthy and happy. That’s why we’re Coolum’s go-to pet vet!


Keep your pet on track with annual wellness exams to assess your animal’s health, take care of vaccinations and parasite prevention and discuss behavioural or nutritional changes or concerns.

Our goal is to help your animal live the longest, best life possible. We will develop a personalised vaccination protocol according to your animal’s needs and risk factors.

An annual injection for the treatment of Heartworm can protect your dog, cat or ferret from a potentially fatal disease, whilst intestinal worm prevention is not only important to a pet’s health, but for the health of your family as well.

Your animal’s dental health is one of the most important parts of their overall health and well-being. Early stages of disease are reversible with early detection and professional care.

We offer a range of diagnostic services including radiology, ultrasonography, and onsite pathology. We have digital x-ray technology, in-house blood diagnostics, and a laboratory to diagnose any concerns early. That way, you are armed with the knowledge to make the best decisions for your pet.


Typically, pets are desexed between four and six months, but this can occur at any age beyond that. There are many benefits such as unwanted litters, decreasing aggression, and prevention of cancer and prostate disease in males.

We can assist with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lumps and cancers. We perform a thorough examination and potentially further tests to diagnose lumps if a lump is affecting an animal’s health, mobility, or well being. Your vet will then discuss the plan for the lump removal and/or chemotherapy.

Our skilled veterinarians can perform the vast majority of soft tissue procedures such as large mass removals, caesareans, biopsies, wound repairs, removal of foreign bodies and more.

Pets are vulnerable to gum disease and problems with their teeth. We recommend regular dental checkups and cleans to prevent discomfort, extractions, or worse still, heart, liver and kidney problems. We offer an extensive range of dental treatments from the elective to the unavoidable.

Orthopaedic surgery is usually required due to an injury or from a degenerative condition. We can assist with diagnoses and repairs to your dog’s bones and joints such as hip and elbow dysplasia, fractures, joint fusions and dislocations.

Animals can be affected by a variety of eye issues and diseases. We provide a comprehensive eye exam, discuss your options and support you in deciding on the best treatment for your animal.


Microchipping your dog or cat ensures that if they become lost, you are much more likely to be reunited.  Our microchips are about the size of a grain of rice, safe for your pets, and are ideal for identification purposes. 

During a behavioural consultation, we will discuss your pet’s behaviour, and history, and conduct a nose-to-tail examination to rule out any hidden health conditions that may be linked to the behavioural condition.  We can help you implement a behavioural modification program for your pet including a holistic treatment plan.

Nutrition is an important indicator of your pet’s health and welfare. We can discuss any health, diet, or weight fluctuations during their examination and help you plan a diet to suit their age and lifestyle. Prescription diets may be required for patients with ongoing conditions.

There’s lots to consider and stay on top of with a new puppy or kitten, from vaccinations, parasite prevention, microchipping, feeding and worming, to desexing and training. The Beachside team can walk you through all that’s required and keep your fur baby on track and thriving.

We have a visiting surgeon available to perform advanced procedures and a strong relationship with specialists at referral hospitals, so that your furbaby always has access to specialist care.