4 Signs Your Cat Loves You

If you compare your cat’s behaviour to your dog’s, you may conclude that your dog loves you more. Have you considered though, that your cat has a different way of showing it?

Dogs show their love through soft eye contact, tail wagging, licks, happy greetings, and enjoying cuddles. It’s easy to see how much they appreciate you. With cats, the signs can be less obvious, but you may already have experienced their subtle communication.

Belly exposure

Does your cat ever flop down at your feet and roll onto its back? It’s easy to think that your cat is looking for a belly rub. That’s rarely the case, and their natural protection reflex may result in a sudden flurry of claws and teeth. Presenting the most vulnerable part of their body just means your cat feels comfortable and trusting around you.

Head bunting

Many cat owners think their cats are bunting their heads against them to show affection, but there’s more to it. They use the areas of their heads which contains scent glands. These allow them to leave their scent on anything they love – your cat wants to make sure you smell like them!

Human grooming

As much as we might not like the idea of cats licking us, they may be showing their love. When there’s more than one cat in a household, there’s often one that becomes the designated groomer. This cat is responsible for grooming the others and may be trying to include you as part of their community.


When a cat purrs, it can be a way for them to control pain, calm down, or even to guide their kittens. However, it can also mean your cat is content − if they’re sitting on your lap purring while you pat them, that’s a good sign your cat is happy in your company.

Not all cats will shower their owners with affection, or even show all that much interest in you. However, look out for the subtle signs and you might just see they do love you after all.